8th Grade Math Stained Glass Worksheets

Who doesn't love math coloring worksheets? My students are always asking for more so I decided to create some stained glass worksheets. These worksheets are very engaging and help with self assessment!

Each worksheet contains 10 problems. So far I have the following worksheets:

Solving Equations Stained Glass (Contains 4 worksheets) - (1) Solving Two-Step Equations, (2) Solving Two-Step Equations with Fractions, (3) Solving Two-Step Equations with Parentheses, and (4) Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides.

Solving Equations Stained Glass Activity

Slope Stained Glass (Contains 4 worksheets) - (1) Slope Given a Graph, (2) Slope Given a Table, (3) Slope Given 2 Points, and (4) Slope Given Standard Form.

Slope Stained Glass Activity

Pythagorean Theorem Stained Glass (Contains 4 worksheets) - (1) Pythagorean Theorem on a Coordinate Plane, (2) Pythagorean Theorem Given a Diagram, (3) Pythagorean Theorem Given A,B,C, and (4) The Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Pythagorean Theorem Stained Glass Activity

As stated earlier, these worksheets help with self-assessment due to creating a stained glass look. Students will use a ruler or straight edge to connect the letter of the question to its answer. After connecting 10 lines, students should see a letter in each section. Students will color each section according to the color code.

Math Stained Glass Worksheets

Math Stained Glass Worksheets

Math Stained Glass Worksheets

I also have a BUNDLE that includes all of the above stained glass worksheets. 

8th Grade Math Stained Glass Activities

You can check out my bundle HERE.