7th Grade Math Warm-Ups

This resource includes 40 pages of warmups for 7th Grade Math. These warmups will last for the entire school year since there are roughly 37 weeks in a school year. Five of the 40 warmups include math brain teasers. A blank template and answer key is included!

Includes math concepts such as:

  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals
  • Labeling a number line with rational numbers
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers
  • Simplifying exponents
  • Simplifying absolute value
  • Plotting points on the coordinate plane
  • LCM and GCF
  • Rates
  • Ratios
  • Proportional relationships in an equation, table, and graph
  • Decimals, fractions, and percents
  • Percentages
  • Markup, discount, sales tax, tip, commission
  • Simple interest
  • Percent of change (percent increase and percent decrease)
  • Solving one-step equations
  • Solving and graphing one-step inequalities
  • The distributive property
  • Combining like terms
  • Solving two-step equations
  • Solving and graphing two-step inequalities
  • Solving for a missing angle
  • Angle relationships
  • Area and perimeter of two-dimensional figures
  • Area and perimeter of composite figures
  • Area and circumference of circles
  • Scale drawings
  • Similar figures
  • Faces, edges, and vertices of 3-dimensional objects
  • Volume
  • Surface area of nets
  • Area of figures in the coordinate plane
  • Dot plots
  • Frequency tables
  • Histograms
  • Mean, median, mode, and range
  • Mean absolute deviation
  • Box and whisker plot
  • Probability of an event
  • Likelihood of an event
  • Also includes 5 Brain Teasers!

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