6th Grade Math Vocabulary Coloring Worksheets Bundle 6.NS, 6.RP, 6.EE, 6.G, 6.SP

Included is 5 vocabulary coloring worksheets for 6th grade math. They are broken down into the following units:

Unit 1 - Number Sense Coloring Worksheet

Unit 2 - Ratios, Rates, & Percentages Coloring Worksheet

Unit 3 - Expressions & Equations Coloring Worksheet

Unit 4 - Geometry Coloring Worksheet

Unit 5 - Statistics & Probability Coloring Worksheet

Vocabulary for each unit is given below:

Unit 1 Number Sense Vocabulary: decimal, quotient, divisor, dividend, fraction, numerator, denominator, exponent, base, opposite, absolute value, coordinate plane, x-axis, y-axis, greatest common factor (GCF), and least common multiple (LCM)

Unit 2 Ratios, Rates, & Percentages Vocabulary: ratio, equivalent ratios, rate, unit rate, unit cost, percent, fraction, numerator, denominator, simplest form, decimal, conversion, proportion, cross product, amount, and base

Unit 3 Expressions & Equations Vocabulary: variable, coefficient, constant, term, algebraic expressions, one-step equations, inequality, greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, dependent, independent, combining like terms, distributive property, and equivalent

Unit 4 Geometry Vocabulary: area, parallelogram, quadrilateral, triangle, trapezoid, parallel, composite figure, face, edge, vertex, volume, surface area, net, polygon, coordinate plane, and ordered pair

Unit 5 Statistics & Probability Vocabulary: dot plot, frequency table, data, tally marks, histogram, mean, median, mode, range, mean absolute deviation, box and whisker plot, minimum, lower quartile, upper quartile, maximum, and interquartile range 

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