7th Grade Math Practice Composition Notebook is a Great Tool as a Study Guide

Included is a 40 page digital file for my 7th Grade Math Composition Notebook. Each page has an example or notes on the top. There are practice problems on the left and right side of the page. The middle of the page has a spot for students to write a reflection.

Math Concepts Included:

1.) Adding Integers

2.) Subtracting Integers

3.) Multiplying Integers

4.) Dividing Integers

5.) Absolute Value

6.) Greatest Common Factor

7.) Least Common Multiple

8.) Adding Fractions

9.) Subtracting Fractions

10.) Adding Fractions (With Negatives)

11.) Multiplying Fractions

12.) Dividing Fractions

13.) Unit Price

14.) Constant of Proportionality

15.) Decimals, Fractions, & Percents

16.) Discounts

17.) Markups

18.) Tip

19.) Percent of Change

18.) Simple Interest

19.) One-Step Equations

20.) One-Step Equations

21.) One-Step Equations

22.) Two-Step Equations

23.) Two-Step Equations

24.) Two-Step Equations

25.) One-Step Inequalities

26.) Two-Step Inequalities

27.) Angle Relationships

28.) Area & Perimeter of a Rectangle

29.) Area & Perimeter of a Triangle

30.) Area & Circumference of a Circle

31.) Similar Figures

32.) Scale Factor

33.) Volume of a Cone

34.) Volume of a Cylinder

35.) Volume of a Sphere

36.) Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

37.) Box & Whisker Plot

38.) Likelihood

I have also included a blank template where you can add your own text. You can create more pages for your own personal classroom use.

Please note that this notebook is not similar to my other notebooks. If interested, I have 2 more 7th grade math notebooks. One is digital and the other includes more direct instruction

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