8th Grade Math Unit 2 Expressions & Equations Curriculum

This bundle includes all of my 8th Grade Math Unit 2 Resources (8.EE - Expressions & Equations). There are interactive notebook pages, activities, foldables, practice worksheets, homework, exit slips, assessments (pre- and post-tests), vocabulary quizzes, warm-ups, and more! There are also some digital resources such as early finishers. This unit also include an end of the year final.

All of the pre-tests and post-tests are editable. The early finishers are given in PowerPoint. You can upload the file into Google Slides and share the link with students.

Math concepts included are:

1.) Unit Rate on a Graph

2.) Two-Step Equations

3.) Equations with Variables on Both Sides

4.) Equations with Parentheses

5.) Multi-Step Equations

6.) Two-Step & Multi-Step Inequalities

7.) Number of Solutions to Linear Equations

8.) x and y Intercepts from a Table and Graph

9.) x and y Intercepts from an Equation

10.) Graphing using Intercepts

11.) Types of Slope

12.) Slope Given a Graph

13.) Slope Given a Table or 2 Points

14.) Slope-Intercept Form

15.) Writing Linear Equations from a Graph

16.) Writing Linear Equations Given Two Points

17.) Types of Solutions from a System of Equations

18.) Solving a System of Equations by Graphing

19.) Solving a System of Equations by Substitution

20.) Solving a System of Equations by Elimination

21.) Solving a System of Equations Word Problems

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