8th Grade Math Early Finishers

This resource is my 8th Grade Math Early Finishers (Paper Version). It includes NO PREP! Just print and go! CLICK THE PREVIEW!!!

There are 42 pages. Each page has a word search, unscramble the words, and an activity on the bottom (color by code, practice problems, or etc). These early finishers can be used when students finish a test early, on sub days, as homework, as warmups, and so much more!

The concepts included are:

8.NS - The Number System

(1) The Real Number System

(2) Rationals vs Irrationals

(3) Fractions into Repeating Decimals

(4) Repeating Decimals into Fractions

(5) Square Roots & Cube Roots

(6) Approximating Non-Perfect Squares

(7) Exponent Properties

(8) Adding and Subtracting in Scientific Notation

(9) Multiplying and Dividing in Scientific Notation

8.EE - Expressions & Equations

(10) Equations with Variables on Both Sides

(11) Equations with Parentheses

(12) Number of Solutions to Linear Equations

(13) x- and y-Intercepts Given a Table

(14) x- and y-Intercepts Given a Graph

(15) x- and y-Intercepts Given an Equation

(16) Graphing using Intercepts

(17) Types of Slope

(18) Slope Given a Graph

(19) Slope Given a Table

(20) Slope Given Two Points

(21) Slope-Intercept Form

(22) Writing Linear Equations from a Graph

(23) Writing Linear Equations Given 2 Points

(24) Systems of Equations (Graphing)

(25) Systems of Equations (Substitution)

(26) Systems of Equations (Elimination)

8.F - Functions

(27) Function Notation & Evaluating a Function

(28) Linear vs Non-Linear

8.G - Geometry

(29) Rigid Transformations

(30) Dilations

(31) Similarity

(32) Congruence

(33) Angle Relationships

(34) Triangle Angle Sum Theorem

(35) Triangle Exterior Angle Theorem

(36) The Pythagorean Theorem

(37) Pythagorean Theorem in the Plane

(38) Volume: Cone, Cylinder, & Sphere

8.SP - Statistics & Probability

(39) Intro to Scatter Plots

(40) Constructing Scatter Plots

(41) Line of Best Fit

(42) Two-Way Tables

You can use the assignment as a review at the end of the year OR you can use it throughout the entire school year!

Questions? Please contact me at mathindemand@hotmail.com. Thanks so much! 

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