7th Grade Math End of the Semester Coloring Worksheet

This is a quick 16 problem review on 7th grade material for the first semester. This is a perfect activity for students right before they go on Christmas break. This worksheet is great for self assessing because students will check and see if they see their answer in the coloring section. If their answer is not there, then they know that they need to go back and check their work.

The 16 problems include:

1.) Adding/subtracting integers

2.) Dividing integers

3.) Subtracting fractions

4.) Multiplying fractions

5.) Dividing fractions

6.) Unit price

7.) Solving proportions

8.) Equation of a graph that has a proportional relationship

9.) Converting a decimal into a fraction

10.) Discounts

11.) Markups

12.) Sales tax

13.) Percent of change

14.) Simple interest

15.) Solving One-step equations

16.) Solving one-step inequalities

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