8th Grade Math Activities Bundle

This bundle includes over 95 of my 8th-grade activities. There are card sort activities, dominoes activities, coloring worksheets, hidden message cut-and-paste activities, and so much more! This includes:

1.) Absolute Value Equations Card Sort Activity

2.) Angle Relationships Card Sort Activity

3.) Congruence Card Sort Activity

4.) Exponent Properties Card Sort Activity

5.) Multi-Step Equations Card Sort Activity

6.) Multi-Step Inequalities Card Sort Activity

7.) Slope Card Sort Activity

8.) Systems of Equations Card Sort Activity

9.) Transformations Card Sort Activity

10.) Equation of a Line Dominoes Activity

11.) Pythagorean Theorem Dominoes Activity

12.) Slope Between Two Points Dominoes Activity

13.) Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Dominoes Activity

14.) Volume and Surface Area Dominoes Activity

15.) Multi-Step Equations Hidden Message Activity

16.) Properties of Exponents Hidden Message Activity

17.) Pythagorean Theorem Hidden Message Activity

18.) Slope-Intercept Form Hidden Message Activity

19.) Slope Given Two Points Hidden Message Worksheet (Thanksgiving)

20.) Functions Dot Game

21.) Linear Equations 1

22.) Linear Equations 2

23.) Linear Equations 3

24.) Linear Equations 4

25.) Writing and Graphing Linear Equations (Christmas)

26.) Multi-Step Equations Hidden Picture Worksheet

27.) Multi-Step Equations Activity (Thanksgiving)

28.) Pythagorean Theorem 1

29.) Pythagorean Theorem 2

30.) Pythagorean Theorem Activity (Christmas)

31.) Pythagorean Theorem Activity (Proof)

32.) Pythagorean Theorem Activity (Thanksgiving)

33.) Pythagorean Theorem Baseball Activity

34.) Pythagorean Theorem Golf Activity Task Cards

35.) Pythagorean Theorem Pool Table Activity

36.) Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet

37.) Sequences Puzzle Activity (Arithmetic and Geometric)

38.) Slope Puzzle (Christmas)

39.) Slope Puzzle on Google Slides (Valentines)

40.) Slope Activity (Christmas)

41.) Slope Activity (Easter)

42.) Slope Activity (Halloween 1)

43.) Slope Activity (Halloween 2)

44.) Slope Between Two Points Worksheet Practice (Halloween)

45.) Slope Puzzle Activity

46.) Slope Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

47.) Slope Activity (Thanksgiving)

48.) Slope Activity (Valentines)

49.) Slope Wall Sign

50.) Slope-Intercept Form Activity

51.) Slope-Intercept Form Worksheet

52.) Slope Activity Task Cards (Thanksgiving)

53.) Types of Slope Cut & Paste Activity

54.) Systems of Equations (Christmas)

55.) Systems of Equations Cut & Paste Activity

56.) Systems of Equations Activity (Substitution or Elimination)

57.) Systems of Equations Activity (Graphing, Substitution, or Elimination)

58.) Systems of Equations Drawing Activity (Christmas)

59.) Systems of Equations Cut & Paste Activity

60.) Systems of Equations Cutouts

61.) Systems of Equations Dominoes Activity

62.) Systems of Equations Activity (Halloween)

63.) Systems of Equations Real World Application Activity

64.) Systems of Equations Word Problems Flipbooks

65.) Transformations Cut & Paste Activity

66.) Transformations Activity

67.) Transformations Graphing Activity (Christmas)

68.) Transformations Graphing Activity

69.) Transformations Activity (Halloween)

70.) Transformations Math Stations

71.) 8th Grade Math Beginning of the Year Review Worksheet

72.) 8th Grade Math Number System Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

73.) 8th Grade Math Expressions & Equations Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

74.) 8th Grade Math Functions Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

75.) 8th Grade Math Geometry Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

76.) 8th Grade Math Statistics & Probability Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

77.) Comparing and Ordering Rationals and Irrationals Coloring Worksheet

78.) Laws of Exponents Coloring Worksheet

79.) Multi-Step Equations Coloring Worksheet (Thanksgiving)

80.) Rational or Irrational Coloring Worksheet

81.) Slope Between Two Points Coloring Worksheet

82.) Slope Coloring Worksheet (Christmas)

83.) Slope of a Linear Equation Coloring Worksheet (Halloween)

84.) Systems of Equations Coloring Worksheet

85.) Solving Proportions Coloring Worksheet

86.) Volume and Surface Area Coloring Worksheet

87.) Writing Linear Equations from a Graph Coloring Worksheet

88.) Writing Linear Equations Given Two Points Coloring Worksheet

89.) End of Year Review Hidden Message Worksheet

90.) Slope-Intercept Form Cut & Paste Camera Activity

91.) Square Roots and Cube Roots Cut & Paste Camera Activity

92.) Volume of Prisms and Pyramids Cut & Paste Drain Pipe Activity

93.) The Number System Booklet (2 Versions)

94.) Slope Given Table, Graph, and 2 Points Inspirational Group Activity

95.) Slope-Intercept Form Mystery Picture Group Activity

96.) Slope Given Two Points Group Activity

97.) Solving Equations Practice Pointers


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