7th Grade Math Number Sense Multiple Choice Assessments Tests (Editable)

This includes 3 multiple choice tests for 7th Grade Math Number Sense (7. NS). There is a practice test, version A test, and version B test. You will be given a PDF file AND an editable file in PowerPoint. Each test has 20 questions on the following 7th grade math concepts:

  1. Identifying rational numbers on the number line
  2. Simplifying absolute value expressions
  3. Adding and subtracting integers
  4. Multiplying integers
  5. Dividing integers
  6. Least common multiple
  7. Greatest common factor
  8. Adding and subtracting fractions (with negatives)
  9. Multiplying fractions (with negatives)
  10. Dividing fractions (with negatives)
  11. Adding and subtracting decimals (with negatives)
  12. Multiplying decimals (with negatives)
  13. Dividing decimals (with negatives)

The assessments are super easy to grade. You can use a single-hole puncher to grade the tests. Watch my video to see how I used the single-hole punch! 

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