7th Grade Math Expressions & Equations Multiple Choice Assessments Tests

This includes 3 multiple-choice tests for 7th Grade Math Expressions and equations (7. EE). There is a practice test, version A test, and version B test. You will be given a PDF file AND an editable file in PowerPoint. Each test has 20 questions on the following 7th grade math concepts:

  1. Combining like terms
  2. The distributive property
  3. Solving one-step equations
  4. Solving two-step equations
  5. Solving one-step inequalities
  6. Solving two-step inequalities
  7. Graphing one-step inequalities
  8. Graphing two-step inequalities

The assessments are super easy to grade. You can use a single-hole puncher to grade the tests. Watch my video to see how I used the single-hole punch! 

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