Volume and Surface Area Dominoes Activity

Included is a cut and paste domino activity on volume and surface area. Students will be solving 14 problems involving calculating the volume and surface area of a cone, sphere, cylinder, triangular prism, rectangular pyramid, rectangular prism and cube. This is a great activity for students to work in pairs. You can decide if you would like students to color their dominoes or you can print the dominoes on colored paper.

Also included is a cheat sheet with volume and surface area formulas. The cheat sheet is perfect to use during the dominoes activity so that students can have access to the formulas. Since this activity works great by pairing students in pairs or groups, you can laminate the cheat sheet for each pair or group. You could also give a cheat sheet to each student and have them glue it into their interactive notebook.

I also have a BUNDLE that includes this activity and 20 other math dominoes activities.

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