8th Grade Math Foldables Bundle

This bundle includes 27 of my 8th grade math foldables in my store. This includes:

1.) Angle Relationships Wheel Foldable

2.) Area Foldable

3.) Area Wheel Foldable

4.) Laws of Exponents Wheel Foldable

5.) Laws of Exponents Foldable

6.) Mean, Median, Mode, & Range Wheel Foldable

7.) One-Step Equations Wheel Foldable

8.) Pythagorean Theorem Wheel Foldable

9.) Pythagorean Theorem Foldable

10.) Rationals vs Irrationals Foldable

11.) Scientific Notation Wheel Foldable

12.) Slope-Intercept Form Wheel Foldable

13.) Slope Wheel Foldable

14.) Statistics Foldable

15.) Systems of Equations Wheel Foldable

16.) Systems of Equations Foldable

17.) The Real Number System Wheel Foldable

18.) Transformations Foldable 1

19.) Transformations Foldable 2

20.) Transformations Booklets

21.) Transformations Flower Foldable

22.) Transformations Wheel Foldable

23.) Two-Step Equations Wheel Foldable

24.) Two-Step Inequalities Wheel Foldable

25.) Volume and Surface Area Wheel Foldable

26.) Volume Foldable

27.) Volume Booklet

My foldables are very engaging and unique. Students can use my wheel foldables as handheld study tools or glue them in their math interactive notebook. If you're interested, CLICK HERE, to purchase!

Take advantage of this bundle! Individually the cost of the 27 foldables is $102.50. The bundle cost $59.99!

I also offer a math foldable bundle that includes ALL of my math foldables. You can purchase ALL of my math foldables by CLICKING HERE.