Math Booklets (Great for Math Interactive Notebooks) Guided Scaffolded Notes

This is a GROWING BUNDLE. Right now it includes 10 of my math booklets: 

(1) Slope

(2) Systems of Equations

(3) Transformations
(4) Rigid Transformations

(5) One-Step Equations

(6) 6th Grade Number Sense

(7) 7th Grade Number Sense

(8) 8th Grade Number System

(9) Volume of a Cone, Cylinder, and Sphere

(10) Area (Rectangle, Triangle, and Trapezoid)

This bundle will include at least 2 more math booklets. This includes:

(10) Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD)

(11) Two-Step Equations

(12+) Some booklets similar to the 7th Grade Number Sense booklet

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I do not have an exact date that the remaining booklets will be completed. Yet, they will be added as soon as they are completed.