7th Grade Math Multiple Choice Assessments Editable Tests

This bundle includes a total of 15 multiple choice tests for 7th Grade Math. This includes 3 Number Sense (7.NS), 3 Ratios & Proportional Relationships (7.RP), 3 Expressions & Equations (7.EE), 3 Geometry (7.G), and 3 Statistics & Probability (7.SP). There is a practice test, version A test, and version B test for each unit. You will be given a pdf file AND editable file in PowerPoint. Each test has 20 questions on the following 7th grade math concepts:

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7.NS - Number Sense

  1. Identifying rational numbers on the number line
  2. Simplifying absolute value expressions
  3. Adding and subtracting integers
  4. Multiplying integers
  5. Dividing integers
  6. Least common multiple
  7. Greatest common factor
  8. Adding and subtracting fractions (with negatives)
  9. Multiplying fractions (with negatives)
  10. Dividing fractions (with negatives)
  11. Adding and subtracting decimals (with negatives)
  12. Multiplying decimals (with negatives)
  13. Dividing decimals (with negatives)

7.RP - Ratios & Proportional Relationships

  1. Unit price
  2. Proportions
  3. Constant of proportionality of an equation
  4. Constant of proportionality of a table
  5. Constant of proportionality of a graph
  6. Unit rate point
  7. Converting a fraction into a percent
  8. Converting a decimal into a fraction
  9. Discount
  10. Markup
  11. Selling price
  12. Sales tax
  13. Tip
  14. Commission
  15. Percent of change
  16. Simple interest

7.EE - Expressions & Equations

  1. Combining like terms
  2. The distributive property
  3. Solving one-step equations
  4. Solving two-step equations
  5. Solving one-step inequalities
  6. Solving two-step inequalities
  7. Graphing one-step inequalities
  8. Graphing two-step inequalities

7.G - Geometry

  1. Forming a triangle by angle measurements
  2. Forming a triangle by side measurements
  3. Solving for x with complementary angles
  4. Solving for x with supplementary angles
  5. Solving for x with vertical angles
  6. Solving for x with adjacent angles
  7. Area of rectangles
  8. Area of circles
  9. Circumference
  10. Similar figures
  11. Scale drawings
  12. Volume of a cone
  13. Volume of a cylinder
  14. Volume of a sphere
  15. Surface Area using nets

7.SP - Statistics & Probability

  1. Mean, Median, Mode, & Range
  2. Mean absolute deviation
  3. Line plots
  4. Stem & leaf plots
  5. Box & whisker plots
  6. Probability of an event
  7. Probability of a repeated event
  8. Likelihood

The assessments are super easy to grade. You can use a single hole puncher to grade the tests. Watch my video to see how I used the single hole punch!