7th Grade Math Early Finishers

Are you having trouble keeping your students engaged after they complete an assignment or test? These early finishers were created for that reason!

7th grade math early finishers

There are over 50 pages of math concepts! Each page includes a word search, unscramble the words, and practice problems.

The following math concepts are included:

Unit 1 - Number Sense

- Absolute Value

- Rational Numbers on the Number Line

- Adding and Subtracting Integers

- Multiplying Integers

- Dividing Integers

- Least Common Multiple

- Greatest Common Factor

- Adding and Subtracting Fractions

- Multiplying Fractions

- Dividing Fractions

- Adding and Subtracting Decimals

- Multiplying Decimals

- Dividing Decimals

Unit 2 - Ratios & Proportional Relationships

- Intro to Rates & Ratios

- Unit Rates Word Problems

- Writing Proportions & Solving Proportions

- Proportional Relationships in a Table

- Proportional Relationship in a Graph

- Proportional Relationships Equation (Constant of Proportionality)

- Unit Rate on a Graph

- Decimals, Fractions, and Percents

- Markdowns/Discounts

- Markups

- Sales Tax

- Tip

- Commission

- Percent Increase & Percent Decrease

- Simple Interest

Unit 3 - Expressions & Equations

- Combining Like Terms

- The Distributive Property

- Simplifying Expressions

- Solving One-Step Equations

- Solving Two-Step Equations

- Solving and Graphing One-Step Inequalities

- Solving and Graphing Two-Step Inequalities

Unit 4 - Geometry

- Constructing Triangles

- Intro to Angle Relationships

- Solving Missing Angles

- Rectangles: Area and Perimeter

- Triangles: Area and Perimeter

- Circles: Area and Circumference

- Similar Figures

- Scale Drawings

- Volume

- Surface Area using Nets

Unit 5 - Statistics & Probability

- Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

- Mean Absolute Deviation

- Line Plots

- Stem and Leaf Plot

- Box and Whisker Plot

- Probability of an Event

- Probability of a Repeated Event

- Likelihood

Here's some pictures below:

7th grade math early finishers

7th grade math early finishers

7th grade math early finishers

7th grade math early finishers

7th grade math early finishers

7th grade math early finishers

7th grade math early finishers

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