Halloween Math Resources Great for Middle School Math

 Halloween is my FAVORITE time of the year! I love creating spooky resources that are both fun and engaging! Check out all of my Halloween resources below. I also have a Halloween bundle!

Slope-Intercept Form on a Graph
Students will be graphing 9 linear equations on a graph by plotting the y-intercept and slope. After plotting all 9 lines, they will color each section according to the given color code. There is a total of 3 pages (27 linear equations). The first page includes spiders, the second page is bats, and the third page is ghosts.

Don't have time to color? I have also included an alternative version that involves no coloring! This is a perfect activity for 8th grade math, 9th grade math, or any Algebra class learning about slope-intercept form. CLICK HERE to purchase.

Middle School Math Early Finishers

This file includes 7 Middle School Math Halloween Early Finishers. My Early Finishers are perfect for subs, extra class time, and/or anytime a student finishes a test or assignment early! You can also use these as homework or warm-ups! Each page includes a word search, unscramble the vocabulary words, and practice problems.

The 7 Math Concepts

1.) The Coordinate Plane

2.) Adding and Subtracting Integers

3.) Adding and Subtracting Fractions (All Positive)

4.) Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (All Positive)

5.) Percent-Decimal Conversions

6.) One-Step Equations (All Positive)

7.) Polygons in the Plane

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Solving One-Step Equations

Students will be solving one-step equations with a fun Halloween twist! There are 4 worksheets:

(1) One-Step Equations with Addition / Subtraction

(2) One-Step Equations with Division

(3) One-Step Equations with Multiplication

(4) One-Step Equations with Mixed Problems

After solving 10 problems on each worksheet, students will draw a line from the letter to the solution. This will create a section that tells the student what to color the section. This helps with self-assessment. The result will be a Halloween stained glass look! CLICK HERE to purchase.

Adding and Subtracting Integers

Students will solve 46 problems on adding and subtracting integers. After solving the problems, students will draw a line from the letter to the solution. Once all the lines are drawn, Frankenstein will be revealed.

Students will solve 39 problems on multiplying and dividing integers. After solving the problems, students will draw a line from the letter to the solution. Once all the lines are drawn, a pumpkin will be revealed.

Both PAPER & DIGITAL are included! The digital version is in Google Slides.

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Transformations - Capture the Zombies Activity

Students will be performing rigid transformations: reflections, rotations, and translations. There is a total of 3 pages: (1) identify the type of transformation performed, (2) perform transformations, and (3) use the transformation rules to determine coordinates of the new points.

This is a fun activity and can be used individually or in groups! CLICK HERE to purchase.

Halloween Bundle - Includes ALL Math Halloween Resources

This bundle includes over 30 of my most popular Halloween resources! The resources include hands on activities, mystery coloring worksheets, and a few digital activities.

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