Back to School Classroom Decorations for Math Bulletin Boards

The classroom prep has begun! I can't believe how fast this school year went by, especially this summer! I'm excited though to get into my classroom and start prepping my room. This year I have decided to hang up a math word wall. The math word wall and math bulletin board borders. 

Want to decorate your classroom but hate going to the store and buying borders to hang up around a bulletin board? Let your students help decorate with these math borders! This is perfect for students on the first day of school. If they don't finish coloring it in class, then have them take it home for homework! Your classroom will look amazing with these student borders! You can print them in black and white or in color to save time. 


I choose to print them in black and white and color them myself.

I laminated my border to make them more durable. 

I used black construction paper for the bulletin board itself. The construction paper makes the borders stand out even more.

The borders can also be used with the math word wall. It's a perfect combination! The bonus is they can be used to decorate your classroom and students can use them for vocabulary. 

If you are interested in these two products please click on the links below.

Math Border:

Math Word Wall:

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