7th Grade Math Curriculum Bundle (Also 6th and 8th Grade Math Curriculum Bundles)

Is it weird that I am so anxious to go back to school? Maybe it's because I have a lot of new material that I can't wait to use! This summer I created so much more 7th grade math curriculum such as a new 7th grade math composition notebook and math wheel spinners!

I love these math wheel spinners because they can be used so many different ways! This year I am going to have my students use them to help solve problems in their math composition notebooks. In addition, they can use them on their homework, practice worksheets, activities, and etc. They make wonderful study tools and the students love how fun and unique they are!

I love that I can use different colors on the wheel spinners so that they pop! Super easy to construct and such a nice study tool!

I'm also super excited to implement my new notebook into my classroom. On the top of each page is an example of the math concept that my students will be learning. The left and right side involves practice problems. The center involves a place for students to reflect on what they learned. 

In addition to the notebook and spinners, I have also worked on adding more hands on activities. I have so many cut & paste math activities.

These cut & paste activities are so much fun for the students because they love that a hidden message appears after they complete the activity!

I also have a lot of 8th grade cut & paste activities!

Love all of my 7th grade math curriculum? I offer curriculum bundles that have my math interactive notebooks, composition notebooks, activities, foldables, homework, exit slips, assessments, and SO MUCH MORE!

You can check out my curriculum bundles below:

Questions? Contact me by email at mathindemand@hotmail.com

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