7th Grade Math End of Year Review Worksheet

This is a short review on some 7th grade math concepts. 

7th grade math end of year review

There are 16 problems:

(1) Adding/Subtracting Fractions
(2) Multiplying Fractions
(3) Dividing Fractions
(4) Dividing Decimals
(5) Calculating Unit Rate
(6) Discount (Markdown)
(7) Simple Interest and Balance
(8) Percent of Change
(9) Two-Step Equation
(10) Two-Step Equation involving a Fraction
(11) Two-Step Inequality
(12) Scale Factor
(13) Missing Angle in a Triangle
(14) Complementary Angle
(15) Calculate the Mean
(16) Probability

Students will solve these 16 problems then look at the answer code to determine which bubbles to shade in. This resource is great because the answer code makes it easy to self assess. Students can use this resource individually or in small groups.

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