8th Grade Math Vocabulary Coloring Worksheets

Not only do I have 6th and 7th grade vocabulary coloring worksheets but I also completed 8th grade vocabulary coloring worksheets.

8th Grade Math Vocabulary Coloring Worksheets

My bundle includes 5 vocabulary coloring worksheets that are broken down into (1) Number System, (2) Expressions & Equations, (3) Functions, (4) Geometry, and (5) Statistics & Probability.

8th Grade Math Number System Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

Number System Vocabulary: rational, irrational, integer, repeating decimal, terminating decimal, non-repeating decimal, non-terminating decimal, non-perfect square, perfect square, square root, cube root, radical, radicand, exponent, base, and scientific notation

8th Grade Math Expressions & Equations Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

Expressions & Equations Vocabulary: unit rate, distributive property, linear equation, variable, coefficient, constant, x-intercept, y-intercept, slope, slope-intercept form, systems of equations, substitution, elimination, x-axis, y-axis, and standard form

8th Grade Math Functions Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

Functions Vocabulary: function, relation, mapping, domain, range, function notation, input, output, linear, non-linear, linear equation, linear relationship, sequence, first term, common difference, and rate of change

8th Grade Math Geometry Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

Geometry Vocabulary: transformation, reflection, rotation, translation, dilation, pre-image, similarity, congruence, corresponding parts, angle relationships, transversal, parallel, triangle angle sum theorem, triangle exterior angle theorem, pythagorean theorem, and volume

8th Grade Math Statistics & Probability Vocabulary Coloring Worksheet

Statistics & Probability Vocabulary: data, scatter plot, positive association, negative association, no association, linear, non-linear, line of best fit, discrete, continuous, outlier, point-slope form, slope, two-way table, variable, and bivariate data

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