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Math Resources for Thanksgiving

Math Card Sort Activities

    I know that I am SO behind in posting new material on my blog, but I promise that I am a lot better at posting on my Facebook page.  Please make sure to follow my Facebook page if you are interested in seeing products as soon as they are completed.  Plus, you get free products!

    Anyways, things have been very chaotic over here!  Besides being a mommy to two very active little girls and creating math materials, I am getting SO close to delivering our first baby boy (in January)!  I want you all to rest assure knowing that I have so many products almost completed and lots of hands on resources that will be coming out soon.  My amazing husband has already been helping out so much and now he is preparing to help post products.  So please know that the creating will not stop! ;)

    Some new activities that I am so excited about are my card sort activities.  

Math Card Sort Activities

   I love these activities because you can laminate the cards and use them year after year, or you can also have students glue them into their interactive notebooks.  They also look great when printed on colored card stock paper.

   These card sort activities are a great way for students to be engaged.  Some of the card sort activities involve students thinking about the next step in solving problems.  

Two-Step Equations Card Sort Activity

Two-Step Equations Card Sort Activity

Two-Step Equations Card Sort Activity

Two-Step Equations Card Sort Activity

Two-Step Equations Card Sort Activity

   Some other card sort activities have students calculating the answers to determine which card goes in each column or row.

Markups and Discounts Card Sort Activity

Markups and Discounts Card Sort Activity

Markups and Discounts Card Sort Activity

Markups and Discounts Card Sort Activity

    I am working on a bundle that will contain at least 20 of my math card sort activities.  So far I have the following 7 card sort activities:

   You can purchase each card sort activity separately or save money by purchasing the bundle.  If you are interested in the bundle, you can purchase it by CLICKING HERE.


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Mitosis Puzzle Activity

I decided to complete my Mitosis puzzle activity with help from my husband :)

Conclusion: This was a great activity!  My husband even enjoyed the activity.  You can have students work individually or in pairs.  It is a great hands on activity.  After students finish gluing down the puzzle pieces, they will reflect upon their learning.

You can purchase this activity at my Teachers Pay Teachers account by CLICKING HERE.  In addition, if you do not have a Teachers Pay Teachers account, then you can purchase the activity from my store by CLICKING HERE.  Thanks for stopping by!

Mitosis and Meiosis Foldable

I am so excited to show you a mitosis and meiosis wheel foldable that I created for interactive notebooks!  The nice thing is that you don't necessary have to use them in interactive notebooks.  They can be used as handheld studying tools or placed in the notebooks.  The mitosis wheel has three different versions: (1) prometaphase is included, (2) prometaphase is not included, and (3) blank template.  The blank template allows you to have students write in information.  This is great for differentiation!  You can purchase the mitosis or meiosis separately or as a bundle.  I have included the link of the bundle but you can find the others in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

CLICK HERE to purchase the foldables.

Two-Step Equations Hidden Message Activity / Worksheet

I have just finished a puzzle activity on two-step equations.  This is a fun activity that your students will love!

Students will be solving 20 problems on two-step equations.

After solving the problems, students will cut out the boxes and glue them onto the other page according to their solution.

This is a great activity that can be given individually or in groups of 2-4.

In addition, it is self-assessing in two ways: (1) students know that if they don't see their solution on the page then they need to check their answer and (2) after placing their boxes down, there is a hidden message. If they do not see the message, then they know that they made a mistake. This activity can take 1-2 days (1 day if you are on block schedule and 2 days if you are not on block schedule).

You can purchase my two-step equation activity by CLICKING HERE.