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7th Grade Math Comprehensive Final

Laws of Exponents Wheel Foldable (Great for Math Interactive Notebooks)

Not only do I have a traditional foldable for Laws of Exponents but I have also created a wheel foldable on Laws of Exponents since my wheel foldables have been very popular.

Included is a wheel foldable on laws of exponents. This is a great foldable for students because it has all of the information in one location. Students will be going over the laws of exponents: power rule, quotient rule, product rule, negative exponent rule, zero rule, power of a product rule, and the power of a quotient rule. There are 2 layers: (1) goes over the rules, and (2) shows an example. You can print the foldable with the answers already printed or blank (students can fill out the blank template). Also, you can have students use the wheel foldable as a handheld study tool or have students glue it into their math interactive notebooks.

You can purchase my wheel foldable by CLICKING HERE.

Math Wheel Foldables

Check out my very short video below on my Math Wheel Foldables!!!

I absolutely LOVE creating and using foldables in my classroom!  If you’ve never used a foldable in your classroom, then you definitely want to read about my foldables below and how I implement them in my classroom!  You will LOVE my foldables.  My foldables are very unique, engaging, and fun!  I offer two types of foldables: (1) Traditional Foldables and (2) Wheel Foldables.  Once you use a foldable in your classroom, you will be asking yourself why you didn’t use them before.

(1) What is a foldable?

A foldable is a graphic organizer that folds in some type of way.  Foldables have become popular in the last few years to help engage students in the classroom.  In recent years, there has been a big push to move towards a classroom that involves more hands on learning and student centered classrooms.  Foldables were created to help present material that is normally given in direct instruction or notes, as a way to engage stu…