Mitosis Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

I have converted my most popular seller into Google Slides.  This is my mitosis puzzle activity. 

Mitosis Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

Mitosis Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

Mitosis Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

At my school, my students are 1:1 with technology.  Each student has ipads or chromebooks.  It was super easy to upload the file onto my Google Classroom and make a copy for each student.  You can see a video I made on my activity below!

Students will be moving puzzle pieces according to their phase.  Students will write a reflection on what they learned from the activity.

You can purchase this activity by CLICKING HERE.


  1. This has been an awesome resource and a powerful review tool for my students. But I kindly ask that you remove the images of the answer key from google images, as one of my students did a quick image check for Mitosis puzzle, and the answers to the very activity I had assigned for review came up. This diminished the activity for many of my students who now just want to copy it and get the assignment credit rather than learn from it.

    1. you: lvl 1 crook

      your students: lvl 50 mafia bosses


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