Heart Slope Puzzle on Google Slides (Valentine's Edition)

I have been asked if I would convert my activities to Google Slides.  I have converted my first activity and I am loving it!  

Slope Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

Slope Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

Slope Puzzle Activity in Google Slides

At my school, my students are 1:1 with technology.  Each student has ipads or chromebooks.  It was super easy to upload the file onto my Google Classroom and make a copy for each student.  My students LOVED this activity and were engaged the entire period!  I was even asked by multiple students if I could do more activities like this one.  You can see a video I made on my activity below!

Students will be solving problems on puzzle pieces and place them according to their slope. In addition, students will be examining two points that have a slope of zero and undefined. They will make the connections on how to determine if two points have a zero slope or undefined slope. Lastly, students will draw an example of a positive, negative, zero, and undefined slope. They will write a reflection on what they learned from the activity.

You can purchase this activity by CLICKING HERE

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