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7th Grade Math Comprehensive Final

Quadratics Wheel Foldable

My students are currently working on quadratics.  I created a wheel foldable on quadratics to help my students convert between vertex form and standard form.  In addition, students will be graphing quadratics, writing the equation of a quadratic, and give the characteristics of a quadratic function.  The foldable looks amazing in interactive notebooks! Check it out!

You can purchase my quadratics foldable by CLICKING HERE

Slope Halloween Activity

This activity is so much fun! Students will be graphing points and connecting lines. Students are going to calculate the slope of each line. Lastly, students are going to color the figure and write what they learned from this activity. This activity works well with any age group learning about slope.

You can purchase my activity by CLICKING HERE

Slope Activity

I created this slope activity a few years ago.  It has also been a popular activity in my classroom.  Students are more engaged with this activity more than using a typical slope worksheet.

You can purchase my slope activity by CLICKING HERE

Interactive Notebooks

Whether you are looking for math or science material, I've got you covered!  My notebooks are interactive, engaging, and just plain fun!!!  You will find a link to my math store below along with my science store.  Check it out!

Check out my MATH STORE here!

Check out my SCIENCE STORE here!

Two Step Equations Foldable

Included is a foldable on two-step equations. This is a great study tool! Students can either use the foldable as a hand-held foldable or glue them into their interactive notebooks.

This foldable has multiple layers. The layer labeled "Examples" is where I use direct instruction to introduce a problem. The layer labeled "Your Turn" is where students will apply what they learned to solve another problem. The layer labeled "Steps" is where students will write down the steps/procedure to solve those type of problems.

Problems include the following:

-Solving two-step equations
-Solving two-step equations involving variables on both sides
-Solving two-step equations with fractions
-Solving multi-step equations

You can watch my video on this foldable by CLICKING HERE

You can purchase my foldable by CLICKING HERE

Proportional Relationship Foldable

I have just completed another wheel foldable on proportional relationships.  Included is a foldable on proportional relationships. This is a great study tool and looks amazing in an interactive notebook! The foldable goes over how a proportional relationship is represented in a graph, table, equation, and word problem. In addition, students will see some examples and non-examples. Lastly, the foldable also goes over rates, ratios, and unit rates.

You can purchase my proportional relationship foldable by CLICKING HERE

Math Foldables

I have bundled together all of my math foldables.  This includes all of the math foldables in my store. Also, this includes ALL future foldables. Hurry now and buy before price goes up! There are 28 foldables. Each sold separately runs between $3-$6. Sold separately would cost over $130!

Foldables included are:
-Area wheel
-Decimals, fractions, and percents
-Markups and Discounts
-Dividing fractions
-Factor trees
-Laws of exponents
-Probability 1
-Probability 2
-Proportional Relationships
-Pythagorean Theorem
-Rationals and irrationals
-Square roots and cube roots
-Statistics 1
-Statistics 2
-Systems of equations
-Transformations 1
-Transformations 2
-Transformations flower
-Unit rate
-Vocabulary (blank template)
-6th grade vocabulary
-7th grade vocabulary
-Volume 1
-Volume 2

You can purchase the foldable bundle by CLICKING HERE