Solar System Activity

So, my sister and I worked together on creating a solar system banner.  My sister created all of the planet clipart and I put the activity together.  My 2 year old, Chloe, wanted to help mommy out with creating the banner.  She absolutely loved the activity and thought it was so cool to see her picture on the astronaut.  Check out the photos below!
Color and cut out all of the pieces
Spaceship and star cutouts get glued onto each planet. 
Each cutout has information about that planet.

Chloe was a big helper!
Chloe wanted to glue all of the pieces down.
Chloe liked the way Saturn was colored.
We took all of the planets and place them in order according
to their location from the sun.
After we placed the planets in order, I asked Chloe to choose
a planet that she would like to explore if she was an astronaut.
Chloe was filling out the question, "If I was an astronaut,
I would visit ________ because ..."
Chloe choose Mars.  She was ready to glue her astronaut
and question onto the planet.
Chloe personalized her astronaut with a picture of herself!
Chloe had SO much fun!

The planet banner!

You can purchase this activity by CLICKING HERE

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