Animal Cell Activity

I created two activities on the animal cell.  The first activity is a puzzle activity that involves coloring, cutting, and pasting puzzle pieces according to the organelle.  Organelles included are smooth endoplasmic reticulum, rough endoplasmic reticulum, cell membrane, vacuole, ribosomes, cytoplasm, golgi apparatus, lysosome, nucleus, mitochondrion, microtubules, nucleolus, centrioles, and nuclear membrane. I have also included a blank template so that you can add or take out any of the organelles according to fit your standards.

Students will color and cut out all of the puzzle pieces

Students will glue the name of each organelle on the top and the function/info on the sides.

I organized all of the functions/info together.

Also, I organized all of the names together.

Match the name with the drawing of the organelle.

Students will have lots of fun putting the puzzle pieces together.

I had the cutest helper! My two year old daughter loved to glue the puzzle pieces.

All finished!

You can purchase this activity by CLICKING HERE

The second activity is the same activity as the first one except that there are no puzzle pieces to cut out.  Students will be given a "Word Bank" and write in all of the information for each organelle.

You can purchase the other activity by CLICKING HERE

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