Mitosis Banner

I have received quite a bit of positive feedback from my Mitosis Puzzle Activity.  Hence, I decided to make another activity on Mitosis.  This is a great activity where students will be constructing a Mitosis banner.  Students will be coloring, cutting, and pasting cell drawings according to their phase.  It is a great way for students to learn the different phases of Mitosis.  In addition, students will be pasting notes about each phase.

I have also included a blank template so that you can decide if you want your students to draw their own cells and write their own notes.

You can hang your students' banners across the room!  At the end of the year, you can take down the banners and easily construct them into a flipbook so that students can take them home.

Color the banners and cell drawings

Cut out the banners and cell drawings

Separate the banners, drawings, and notes into piles

Determine which phase the cell drawings belong

Glue the drawings to each phase

Determine which phase the notes belong

Glue the notes

Fold on the solid line

You will need string to construct the banner

Turn all banners upside down and in reverse order

You will need tape or glue (tape works best)

Tape all of the banners

All done!

You can also construct a flipbook

Staple the pages together to create a flipbook

Time to study!

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