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7th Grade Math Comprehensive Final

Box and Whisker Plot Wheel Foldable

Students will be constructing a foldable on box and whisker plots. This foldable has three layers: (1) Title, (2) Definition, and (3) Example. Students will be defining minimum, maximum, lower quartile, upper quartile, and median. This foldable is a great handheld study tool or can be glued into interactive notebooks. A blank template is also included.

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Decimals, Fractions, and Percents Foldable

I can't believe that we are SO close to Christmas!!!  I can't thank my fellow teachers enough for all of their support and kind words.  As a thank you, I will be creating some awesome freebies.  If you haven't done so already, please make sure to follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers or subscribe to me on here so that you can be notified of my freebies.

Ok so moving on!  Since I am obsessed with my wheel foldables, I have another one on converting between decimals, fractions, and percents.  Students will love how this foldable gives examples and has the steps.

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Math and Science Curriculum

Love all of my products and want to save money?!  Buy my bundles!!!  My bundles have SO many of my amazing resources!  Depending on which bundle you purchase, I have interactive notebooks, exit slips, assessments, activities, foldables, and SO much more!  Love everything in my store?!  You can purchase my entire store!  Any bundles you purchase will include ALL future products that are in the same category.  Hence, if you buy my entire store, you will get ALL future products!  Did I mention that I also create science resources?  Check out some of my bundles below!

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Transformations Foldable

Included is a transformation foldable on dilations, rotations, reflections, and translations. This is a great hands on activity where students create a foldable that they can use to study the concepts.

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Markups and Discounts

I just posted my markup foldable and now I am posting about my Markup vs Markdown (Discounts) foldable.  This is a great foldable that your students will enjoy!

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Markup Foldable

I absolutely love my markup foldable! This foldable is a fun way to get students engaged and learning the meaning of markups!  You can have students glue into their interactive notebook or glue onto construction paper!

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Solving One-Step Equations

Students will be constructing a foldable on solving one-step equations. There foldable has three layers: (1) Example, (2) Your Turn, and (3) Steps. There are many options on how you can have students construct the foldable. You can provide students with the foldable already filled out with answers, or you can give them a blank template and have them fill out the foldable. Also, you can mix and match layers so that one layer already has answers and then the next layer needs to be filled out.

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