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I am so happy to finally start a blog! I have been told by so many people that I need to start blogging so that people "can see my amazing work".  So here I am! I am excited to show you a sample of my 7th grade interactive notebook! The notebook is a great graphic organizer, study guide, and includes every standard.  The notebook helps students learn to be organized.  Students will have so much fun cutting, gluing, and coloring the notebook.  Ok ok, I've talked enough about it.  Now it's time for the pictures!  Included below is the first 15 pages of the interactive notebook.  The notebook is over 50 pages.  I also have a 6th and 8th grade interactive notebook.

Again, this is only a sample.  Some of the pages are not colored so that you can see how it would look without any writing or coloring.  If you are interested in buying this notebook, I have included the link below.  In addition, I have included a link to my 6th and 8th grade interactive notebook.  Lastly, I have included a link to my 7th grade Common Core material.  I have created 380 pages of 7th grade material.  This includes the interactive notebook, activities, exit slips, and assessments for every standard! The 7th grade Common Core material is a great deal considering it includes everything for a cheaper price.

6th Grade Interactive Notebook:
7th Grade Interactive Notebook:
8th Grade Interactive Notebook:
7th Grade Common Core Material:

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