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Multiplying Fractions Drain Pipe Maze

Discounts Foldable

Ok, so I just finished a foldable on discounts and sales tax.  It is so cute! Students will have so much coloring and cutting out the price tags for three items.  Check out the pictures below:

You can purchase this activity at my store:

Happy New Years!!!


My sister is also a high school teacher.  She teaches high school Biology and has created some amazing hands on activities.  She taught me how to create my own foldables.  This foldables are so unique and your students will love them!  You will see that these are based on both 7th and 8th grade standards.  Yet, they can easily be used in any other grade levels using the same concept.

You can buy these foldables at:

If you teach Biology and are interested in seeing my sister's activities:

Questions?! Email me at

Thanks for looking!

Pythagorean Theorem

I created a Pythagorean Theorem activity that got a lot of great comments.  I decided to take this activity and create some for different Holidays.  These activities are so much fun!  Students will be using the Pythagorean Theorem to determine the distances between two points on a coordinate system.  Check them out!

You can find all of these great activities at my TPT store:

If you have any questions, you can email me at


Now that Christmas has settled down at my house I have time for a new post!  Yay!  Btw, it is extremely difficult to try to post when you have a super duper active 1 year old that is constantly running around and you can't help but chase her around (I love it!).  Anyways, back to work.  My students have always enjoyed standards on Probability and Statistics.  Hence, I created a cutout that allows my students to have a fun hands on activity.

You can find this activity at:

I have SO many awesome math activities at my TPT store:

Interactive Notebook

I am so happy to finally start a blog! I have been told by so many people that I need to start blogging so that people "can see my amazing work".  So here I am! I am excited to show you a sample of my 7th grade interactive notebook! The notebook is a great graphic organizer, study guide, and includes every standard.  The notebook helps students learn to be organized.  Students will have so much fun cutting, gluing, and coloring the notebook.  Ok ok, I've talked enough about it.  Now it's time for the pictures!  Included below is the first 15 pages of the interactive notebook.  The notebook is over 50 pages.  I also have a 6th and 8th grade interactive notebook.

Again, this is only a sample.  Some of the pages are not colored so that you can see how it would look without any writing or coloring.  If you are interested in buying this notebook, I have included the link below.  In addition, I have included a link to my 6th and 8th grade interactive notebook.  Lastly, I ha…