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7th Grade Math Comprehensive Final

Algebra Interactive Notebook Starter

I have decided to give my Algebra interactive notebook starter as a freebie! This helps set up or start your students interactive notebooks. It will help keep your students organized and informed on how they will be graded.

Starter includes:

- Classroom Rules
- Notebook Expectations
- Grading Rubric
- Table of Contents
- Reflection
- Setting Goals
- Look Back at Goals

Here's some pictures!

You can download the starter for free by CLICKING HERE

Do you love my notebook starter and want to purchase my Algebra notebook? The Algebra notebook is an entire years worth of Algebra concepts. There are a total of 10 units that include:

Unit 1 - An introduction to Algebra concepts
Unit 2 - Equations and Inequalities
Unit 3 - Functions
Unit 4 - Sequences (Arithmetic and Geometric)
Unit 5 - Linear Equations
Unit 6 - Exponents (Powers)
Unit 7 - Systems of Equations and Inequalities
Unit 8 - Polynomials
Unit 9 - Quadratics
Unit 10 - Radicals

There are two pages for each concept. The first page i…

Pre-Algebra Interactive Notebook

I have gotten many requests to create a Pre-Algebra Interactive Notebook from teachers that have purchased my Algebra Interactive Notebook.  The feedback that I have gotten from my Algebra Interactive Notebook is amazing!  It has pushed me to create a Pre-Algebra Interactive Notebook with the same format as my Algebra Interactive Notebook.  So, my Pre-Algebra Interactive Notebook has the "I can..." statements for each left page (or right - however you want students to glue it into their notebook) and the rating scale for the right side (or left).  Each concept includes a two pages.  The left page is aimed more towards direct instruction and the right side is "Your Turn" which is aimed towards students applying their newly acquired knowledge.  I have included the breakdown of the notebook below.  Check out the pictures below the breakdown to see the format of the notebook!  You can purchase my Pre-Algebra Interactive Notebook by CLICKING HERE