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7th Grade Math Comprehensive Final


Teachers Pay Teachers is having their "The Best Year Ever" sale!  Hurry now before it's over! Sale goes on from August 1st to August 2nd.  My whole store is on sale along with Teachers Pay Teachers sale!!! Check out all of my interactive notebooks!  I have 6th, 7th, 8th, and Algebra interactive notebooks!  Also, I have year long bundles!!!

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Science Interactive Notebook on Cells

My sister made a video showing a quick overview of our Science interactive notebook.  Check it out below!

You can purchase our Science interactive notebook by CLICKING HERE

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Algebra Interactive Notebook

I have finally finished my Algebra interactive notebook!  I am SO excited to show you my notebook and how amazing it is!!!  There is so much to my notebook.  Included is 16 foldables and over 200 pages of material!  Your students will be organized and engaged!  Below you will find a complete breakdown of the 10 units included.  Also, there will be a link to where you can purchase my notebook at the end of this post.

There are a total of 10 units that include:

1.) Prerequisite for Algebra and Algebraic Expressions
2.) Solving and Graphing Linear Equations and Inequalities
3.) Features of a Function
4.) Sequences (Arithmetic and Geometric)
5.) Graphing Lines and Determining Slope
6.) Expressions Containing Exponents
7.) Solving and Graphing Systems of Equations & Inequalities
8.) Identifying, Classifying, and Operations on Polynomials
9.) Features of a Quadratic
10.) Defining and Simplifying Radicals

The complete break down for each unit is:

--Unit 1: Prerequisite for Algebra and Al…

Science Interactive Notebook - Cells

This is a science interactive notebook bundle on CELLS. It includes over 30 interactive notebook activities and all the starter worksheets you need to start a Science Interactive Notebook.

Starter Worksheets for Science Interactive Notebook (11 Worksheets & 1 Foldable)

• All About Me Worksheet
• Classroom Rules Worksheet
• Lab Safety Rules Worksheet
• Lab Safety Rules Foldable
• Notebook Expectations Worksheet
• Notebook Grading Rubric Worksheet
• Reflection Worksheet
• Blank Table of Contents Worksheet
• Setting Goals Worksheet
• Looking Back & Reflection on Goals Worksheet
• Blank Classroom Overview Worksheet
• Look Back Over the Year Worksheet

Living VS. Non-Living Organisms / Multicellular VS. Single-Celled Organisms (2 Foldables)

• Living VS. Non-Living Things Foldable
• Single Cell VS. Multicellular Organisms Foldable

Levels of Organization (2 Cut-N-Paste Activities and 1 Foldable)

• Levels of Organization Card Sort or Can Be Used As a Cut-N-Paste Activity (2 …