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Multiplying Fractions Drain Pipe Maze

7th Grade Math End of the Year Final

Can you believe that summer is almost here?!  I am in shock that another school year has come and gone so quickly!  I have received requests to make an end of the year comprehensive final for 7th grade.  My final has all of the Common Core standards included (7.NS, 7.RP, 7.EE, 7.G, and 7.SP).
I created two versions of the final (A and B).  In addition, I also created a practice final and student answer sheets.  There are a total of 35 questions for each test.
I absolutely love using student answer sheets because I have a grading system in place that makes grading so quick and easy.
 My grading system involves using a single hole puncher on my answer key.  I punch out the correct answers then place the answer key over students' tests.  The problems that do not show any markings are incorrect and I just use my red pen to bubble in the correct answer.  I have found this to be the best and fastest method to grade multiple choice tests when you do not have a grading program such as Edu…

Absolute Value Equations Activity

I love hands on activities so much! Also, my students always tell me how much they appreciate my hands on activities instead of the same old boring worksheets that they have been given before.  Hence, I decided to create a hands on activity for my high school students involving absolute value equations.  In this activity, students will be constructing a pyramid by cutting and gluing cutouts onto the blank pyramid.  You can find more information about this activity by clicking the link provided below the pictures.

CLICK HERE to check out more information about this activity.