Math in Demand: April 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Warm Up (Bell Work) Template

How do you start your classes? 
Warm up template
Most teachers struggle with staying with a consistent type of "bell work".  Last year, I had students write their daily warm-ups on a piece of paper.  I noticed that it was difficult to grade the warm-ups due to students handwriting all over the place and/or missing a class day.  I decided to create a warm-up template so that I could have an organized format for students to solve the problems.  And what do you has been SO successful!  I absolutely love my warm-up template because it is extremely easy to grade and it keeps students on task.

How I Hold Students Accountable for the Warm Up
I have the same routine with my students every day.  Students always know that as soon as they walk into my classroom that they need to take out their warm-up and perform the problem on the board.  Students will have about one minute or two to complete the problem (depending on the difficulty of the problem).  I will choose a row and start walking down the aisle.  If a student does not have the warm up completed, I will skip them and they do not receive credit for day.  The next day, I may start walking down a different row.  This ensures that my students are on task because they don't know which row I will start walking down.  Students that have the warm-up completed will receive a stamp in the box that says "Completed Stamp".  (If you are busy with roll call then you can have your student aid or call on a student to walk around and stamp).

Warm up template

My Stamp
I purchased my stamp through Zulily.  Zulily does not sell the same items every day.  Hence, I just happened to be browsing online one day and saw personalized stamps on Zulily.  They were fairly well priced and had really cute images.  You can probably find some personalized stamps on amazon.

Warm up template

Warm up template

Collecting and Grading the Warm Up
Since my school has block schedule, I collect the warm-up every 2 weeks.  Students know that they must hold onto the warm-up and not lose it since I collect it biweekly.  Hence, I make sure to hole punch the warm ups for my students.  Grading the warm ups is not only easy but very fast.  It is easy to count the number of stamps that each student has on their warm up and write the score on the top left of the warm up.

Students that are Absent
Students that were absent and want to make up the credit for the warm up must come to me and get a new problem.  I will stamp the warm up once they complete the problem.

Again, this warm up has worked amazing in my classroom.  However, this warm up is not only used for math classrooms.  I have had feedback on this warm up from teachers in other subject areas such as English and History that love the warm up.

If you are interested in my warm up template or learning more information, you can CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Photosynthesis vs Cellular Respiration

So I have moved onto creating a puzzle activity for photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  I am so excited about this activity because it has two puzzle activities.  The first page has students placing puzzle pieces according to where they belong (either photosynthesis or cellular respiration).  The second page has students placing puzzle pieces to create the photosynthesis and cellular respiration equations.  Check out the pictures below!  You will find a link below the pictures for more information.

 You can CLICK HERE to see additional information about the activity and/or purchase the activity.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Slope Puzzle Activity

I created this slope puzzle activity a little bit ago but was just able to take some pictures of the activity.  My husband, being such a great helper, helped color, cut, and paste all of the puzzle pieces so that you could see how the activity would look after a student is finished.  Check out the pictures below!

You can purchase this activity by CLICKING HERE

Grassland Food Web Puzzle (Trophic Levels)

I have been able to make some fun and engaging resources due to using some of my sister's clipart images.  The last couple of days I have been working on a food web.  I just completed a grassland food web and plan on completing an ocean food web within the next week.  The activity is a two page puzzle activity.  This activity will take within 2-3 class days depending upon if you have your students color the puzzle pieces.

The first puzzle has students gluing puzzle pieces according to their trophic level.  The second puzzle has students gluing puzzle pieces according to the type of consumer (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, and decomposers).

The nice thing about this activity is that I made the puzzle pieces editable.  Hence, you can make any necessary changes to the puzzle pieces to fit your classroom needs.

Check out the pictures below!  You will find a link to purchase the activity after the pictures.

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

Cut and paste food web activity

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Transformations (Translations, Reflections, Rotations, and Dilations)

Since my students were struggling with transformations, I created this foldable to help show the differences between all of the transformations.  This foldable is awesome because there are endless opportunities on how you can have students construct the foldable based off of your students needs.

Front of the foldable.

Back of the foldable.

Another picture of the back of the foldable.
Another picture of the front of the foldable.

Definitions are included.

Rules are included.

Students can highlight or color important words.

Visuals are included.

Problems are included are on the back.

Students will also give the rule for each problem.

You can color code each transformation!

Foldable is double sided!

You can make the foldable double sided or you can have two separate foldables.  The front goes over the different types of transformations and the back has some examples/problems.  Another great option is that students can glue the foldables into their interactive notebooks (this is only if you decide to not make it double sided).  Again, there are SO many options and your students will love being able to use the foldable as a study tool!

You can purchase this foldable by going to my online store by clicking "Shop" above OR you can purchase it from my Teachers Pay Teachers account by CLICKING HERE