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Math Resources for Thanksgiving

Distance Formula

This is a great activity on the distance formula.  Students will be working in groups of 2-4.  This activity includes 8 task cards that will have students calculating the total distance of a golf balls starting position to the hole.  Each task card becomes more difficult.  You can purchase this activity by going to

FREE!!! Warm Up!

Since I absolutely love my warm-up template, I am going to share it with you for free!!!  My students are better prepared and on task because of my warm-ups.  Students know that they have to enter my classroom quietly and quickly take out their warm-ups.  I hold my students accountable to complete the warm-up every day.  In order to check the warm-up, I walk around the classroom and stamp after students have been given one minute to complete the warm-up.  Students never know if I am going to start walking down the first row, middle row, or last row.  Hence, they work on the warm-up quickly because they know that if I walk past them and they don't get a stamp, then they don't get credit.

You can download my free warm-up by going to